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Testing testing 1,2,3

So I’ve been really quiet for a while cos I’ve been quite the busy bee. As usual I go a bit mad every once in a while and line my calendar up with one test after another so I’ve been spending my (late) nights busy sewing! I just can’t help it when my favourite designers all put out test calls!

Today I’m here to talk about one of my favourite patterns that I tested recently for Jilly Atlanta. A lot of my favourite patterns come from Jill as their designs are classic and timeless with lovely feminine touches and very very pretty finishings. Jill takes a lot of care in making sure the garment is beautiful both inside and out!

Her latest design is the Laurel Top pattern! Here’s a view of the back of one of my versions! In this version I did the unlined yoke and it was such a lovely sew!

A better view of the front. Naturally I did the short sleeve version to combat Singapore’s weather! There’s a beautiful little cap sleeve to attach to the ruffle which has just the right amount of gathers so as to provide that girly charm without overwhelming!

Because I loved this pattern so much, I dug into my Nani Iro stash and found a piece that I thought would show it off nicely! I decided to make this lined just to compare the construction. The nice bit about having a lined bodice is not having to deal with the neckline binding and because I wanted to have a clean finish without a topstitching line above the ruffle, I handsewed the bodice down. Totally worth it! See below!! I’ve recently become a bit more willing to delve into my Nani Iro stash since I’ve found a local supplier of my Nani drug! Neko Neko Fabric ships fast and is totally awesome cos she has free shipping above SG$50! For those of you not in Singapore, don’t fret! She ships to the US, Australia and Eu for a flat fee of SG$8!!!! Find her here.

I digress … back to the Laurel pattern… if you want to sew this, the pattern is available in Jilly’s Etsy shop Here. You can also see all the sleeve options. I have a slight confession to make, since T prefers wearing dresses, I made my purple one into a dress by lengthening it and making it slightly more A-line! It looks totally cute and it’s going to be one of our outfits for Chinese New Year!

Check out the Jilly Atlanta pattern group on Facebook and you can see all the different tester versions! They are gorgeous!

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So I was way behind with a Christmas prep this year but the one thing I did was sew the girls some Christmas dresses!

When this print came into Sew Good Knits it was just too beautiful to resist!

The print comes in 2 colourways as seen in the pictures and is by Nuppu Print Co who do the most amazing floral prints with such attention to detail and amazing quality of fabric! Sew Good Knits also stocks some of their other prints but these Christmas prints were just too beautiful to resist!

I decided to go with the traditional red print and am intending to hoard the pink version for next year! I immediately knew I wanted to make the Blythe dress by Sew a Little Seam – I was obsessed with the idea of having the ribbon closure and after some searching I managed to find some lovely red velvet to go with the dress!

After 2 late nights I managed to finish the 2 dresses. I chose the dropwaist version and am really pleased with how they turned out!

They wore them on Christmas Day and I had them quickly washed so we could wear them to another Christmas party!

Here’s a video of it in action!

So glad I decided to make it cos it really turned out super pretty! I already have a pattern in mind for next year’s pink version!

X Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to more sewing!

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Pattern testing local for a change!

So over the last few weeks I have been extremely prolific in my pattern testing cos as usual there were a few patterns and designers that I could not pass up the chance to test!!! I’ll be blogging about them one by one but I’ll start off with one I am extremely excited by as it is the debut commercial pattern of a good friend and first local pattern maker!

Japanese Sewing Books is a long established blog and I had been following her blog long before we came friends! She has lots of great reviews and tutorials (including a free qipao pattern) and even provides helps deciphering Japanese sewing books/patterns which have not yet been translated to English.

Anyway Yi Farn has since launched her new pattern page Porcupine patterns and her first pattern is a qipao pattern which is loaded with options and styles! I haven’t yet found a qipao part the indie pattern world, the closest was the Laure by Straight Grain patterns but her design has non qipao options and less variation on the actual qipao. Needless to say I was extremely excited to test for Yi farn having always meant to sew a qipao but just never got round to it!

Sew Good Knits had decided to bring in a small collection of woven fabrics from Australian designer Bec Williams (see the collection above) and it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to make the qipao in Cherry Blossoms which is the top fabric in the photo above! The quality of the fabric is awesome and has a subtle sheen as it is cotton sateen! Unfortunately we sold out of quite a few of the prints including the cherry blossoms but we are hoping to maybe reorder some of them if Bec has them available!

I chose some striped pink bias binding for a bit of contrast and hot pink Chinese knot buttons to bring some pop of colour! Here is the final result!

The testing was quite interesting as the group consisted of a fair few local sewists who were new to the testing process. I highly recommend measuring your child properly before selecting a size to sew and you won’t go wrong then! I really enjoyed sewing this pattern – I chose the simple A line style and the side zip closure which was a bit tricky for me (I think I’ll try the back zip option next time) but I’m working on that!!! I am looking forward to sewing up the rest of the options and luckily I still have some time before Chinese New Year!

Look at all the styles and options above and here is a direct link to the pattern!

Anyway this is all very exciting as there are so many wonderful indie pattern makers all over the world but being able to support local and have our very own indie pattern designer is a real achievement for Singapore in the sewing world!! So proud to be part of the process! Here’s to more local patterns!

Edit to add – I’ve since been informed we have another local pattern company that has released some patterns – Yuzu and Pear! I stand corrected and I am sure I will get round to doing a blog post sometime in the future when I get a chance to try some of their patterns! But yay to more local pattern makers!!

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My latest top…

So I haven’t forgotten about this blog and my promise to upkeep it vs my no longer existent food blog… I had originally planned my next blog posts about the patterns I have been furiously sewing over the last week or so. In true lack of time management Celine form I signed up for a few pattern testings all in the lead up to Christmas so I really had tocrank it up on the sewing which also explains my lack of writing! Anyway I digress as usual… the patterns haven’t yet launched and I found myself actually having sewn them all up but while I’m waiting to show them I also found myself irresistibly drawn to this new Story of Roo fabric that came into Sew Good Knits ( which is a little fabric group I set up with a friend and we specialize in bringing Euro knits – you have to join the group to access and be able to pre-order or buy the fabric) …

We have previously had some Story of Roo fabric and I’ve always loved Maija’s designs and the quality of the fabric (and the width) has always been stunning but this was softer than I have ever felt and come on… it’s super cute isn’t it?! So this was destined to be something for myself and after finishing all my test garments I cut out my favorite pattern!

Here we go! The Waterfall Raglan by Chalk & Notch who is definitely one of my favorite designers ever! This is my single most made pattern thus far, both in the kids and adult sizes! Super fast and satisfying to sew and just such an easy wearing top! If you want it for yourself you can find it here!

Did you notice my pocket placement? So cute I couldn’t resist! So my pocket isn’t perfect but you get the idea! 🙂

So here are a couple of pics of me wearing it! I’m not the best in front of the camera but you get the idea!

Till next time! x Celine

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Biting the bullet…

So I finally did it…I committed to a name for my blog, a plan on wordpress (hey a free plan is still a plan….), a theme and most importantly a mindset to finally doing this. Sure I can edit any of this any time but I’m hoping that a mindset is a little harder to edit than a background palette.

Why start a blog now….well I actually tried to start a food blog some years ago only to find that after the first post, I never had any actual food pics to post on my “blog” cos whenever the food appeared in front of us, J and I would just gobble it up and then…oh shoot… we forgot to take photos! I figure since I can’t eat my sewing and food blogs are passe anyway., the only way forward in this world of blogging was to turn my possibly narcissistic writing inclinations to my big love of sewing …haha.

Anyway I digress. I started sewing again about 3ish years ago – when i say again, I mean since Home Ec days in school where I actually did volunteer for extra Home Ec classes – discovering the world of sewists and sewing blogs, pattern testing and instagram was just amazing! The plethora of information and inspiration out there and later on the somewhat addictiveness of pattern testing was just intoxicating. I basically wanted to be like all these sewists/sewcialists in the blogs that I read and instagrams that I folllow! There…unabashedly admitting my desire to join this elite but friendly “in” group of sewists/crafters/bloggers! In addition I always thought I was somewhat funny anyway…especially hidden behind the keyboard of my lovely pink Macbook Air that was my birthday present from my indulgent husband. Thus was born this blog and this first post.

If you’ve made it this far…thank you! I hope you will continue to read my probably somewhat sporadic posts and feel free to drop me a comment or two from time to time!